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Welcome to Infinergy’s website for Shepherds’ Rig Wind Farm in Dumfries and Galloway

Scotland leads the way in harnessing renewable energy sources. However, the targets set by Government in Scotland, the UK and Europe will require further investment in onshore wind. Ways to ensure the landscape can accommodate this are carefully chosen sites and sensitively designed developments.

As part of this ambition, Infinergy has now sumbitted an application under S36 of the Electricity Act for a development called Shepherds' Rig Wind Farm, near Carsphairn.  

Community consultation

We are keen to work with the local community. This website aims to share information about the projects throughout their development and to invite members of the community to get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you and value your opinion.

ADDITIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION, DECEMBER 2019 - Since our open days in 2018, we have been working hard, in cooperation with various statutory consultees, to ensure that Shepherds' Rig Wind Farm is the best possible design it can be.  We have made some changes to the scheme and have now submitted 'Additional Environmental Information' to the Scottish Government and statutory consultees for consideration.  You can find all of the documents in the downloads section of this website.

A newsletter will be issued to surrounding households in the coming weeks to provide more information.